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Reflexology Association of America ARCB - American Reflexology Certification Board
New York State Reflexology Association


As a young child, growing up in Israel, I remember being interested in observing everybody’s toes.
Throughout the year the weather being balmy, most wear sandals and I had toes to gaze at to my hearts' delight.
I remember having the idea that there is a connection between the shape of the toes and their owner’s character.
Little did I know back then in the 1950’s that in 1997 the Reflexologist Imre Somogyi will publish the book: Reading Toes.

My main dream growing up was to become a doctor.
Fueled with all the noble doctor images I gathered along from novels I have read, I hoped that one day I will join the ranks of the healers.

My life journey took me, after my service in the Israeli Air Force, to the USA.
Here I married and became a parent.
I completed my studies in Comparative Literature at Brooklyn College and embarked on the road to self discovery.

I often think of life as the great adventure, where treasures may be discovered along the way, as long as I remain curious.
Yoga became an important component in my daily life and I have practiced at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC.
I studied Reiki I and II, with two outstanding Reiki masters: Elka Petra Palm and Yali Pasaro Yekutieli and took courses about the healing power of herbs, crystals and aroma therapy.
I love experiencing different modalities of energy work and alternative healing, and tried Alexander Technique, Color Therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Reflexology.

I knew from personal experience the validity of Reflexology, and in 2006 decided to study with one of the trail blazers: Wendy Coad.
I studied Advance Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology and Basic Ear and face Reflexology with her.
In 2010 I studied Vertical Reflexology with Lynne Booth.

I truly believe that the secrets for staying healthy and balanced are within reach.
We each have the powerful resource of our own body’s innate intelligence.
We have to use the tools which give us access to and the ability to tap into this reservoir and Reflexology is at the forefront among modalities to be of help.

I have been taking part in healing events in Pennsylvania at the Gascoyne Center.
I have created an event in 2010 to celebrate World Reflexology Week, the event took place at a medical practice in Brooklyn, NY.
I have volunteered at The Hospital of Joint Diseases, as part of the IWD(Initiative for Women with Disabilities) program.
I have also volunteered at You Can Thrive foundation which extends a variety of healing modalities to cancer survivors.

With my Yoga mentor: Nechmiah Bar Yehuda and a fellow Reflexologist Birgit Nagele we have created two fundraising events in 2011.
The aim of the events was to share the benefits of Reflexology and raise funds for STWS(Serving Those Who Serve organization).

Practicing Reflexology is a fulfillment of a dream.
I love to be able to touch feet, hands or faces of clients, friends and family members.
I try to part with self help tips to all my clients and think of these tips as an empowerment tool.