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Reflexology Association of America ARCB - American Reflexology Certification Board
New York State Reflexology Association


  • Gratitude to all my teachers for their gift of knowledge and the spiritual guidance.

  • To my children, Avivit, Gilli and David for their continued source of inspiration, love and support.

  • To my sister Judy for always being my friend and for traveling with me on the journey of spiritual and self discovery as well as the Natural Healing path and Art.

  • To my granddaughter Olivia for being JOY and for loving Reflexology.

  • To Shiri my niece who said: YES to creating the web site and set in motion a wave of creativity and hope.

  • To my extended family and many friends who submitted their feet to me, in my learning process, and for their continued interest in Reflexology.

  • To my Mom, who at age 85 experienced Reflexology with me and is continuing to receive sessions on a weekly basis in Israel.