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Early Kickoff: WRW 2011

NYSRA at You Can Thrive


Early Kickoff: WRW 2011
Fundraiser for STWS at Reflections Yoga

An early WRW 2011 event took place at Reflections Yoga on September 7, 2011.
Although we had organized two similar events earlier this year, we were asked by Nechemiah Bar-Yehuda of STWS to do another fundraiser to honor the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. Marshall Stackman one of the co- founders of STWS, came to experience first hand how our events were run and to sample Reflexology. The previous events were covered in two articles published in the last NYSRA newsletter. Details about STWS’ cutting-edge healing mission were included. Again, participants registered ahead to secure a time slot(s). Reflexologists were busy throughout the three hours. It was wonderful to have the event at Reflections, where the Yoga atmosphere yet again lent another dimension to the experience. At 7:30pm the Actor’s Chapel at St. Malachy’s Church’s bells chimed the tune of Irving Berlin's There's No Business Like Show Business like every Wednesday.

We would like to convey our gratitude to Paula Tursi of Reflections Yoga for hosting, supporting the fundraiser for the second time. We appreciate the help of Reflections staff, Hedy Iankelevich, Christina Berkley and thank Brenna Padesky for helping with the raffle prize drawing. Many thanks to Nechemiah Bar-Yehuda for spreading the word, taking reservations and offering the participating Reflexologists a special rate for Dr. Brown’s Breath Workshop (with Chi Gong Master Robert Peng) a week later. Special thanks to fellow practitioners Megan Burke, Lynn Levy, Carol Schwartz, Ikuko Takahashi. Pamela Stewart was a recipient this time but generously donated a Complimentary Reflexology Session as raffle prize – thank you so much, Pamela. Many thanks and much appreciation to Michelle Genatt, fellow yogini for helping with the sign-in and ensuring smooth flow of the event. Last but not least thanks to family members, friends, clients and all those who came to experience Reflexology pre-WRW and support STWS with donations.

Please find below client comments collected after receiving 15-45 minute-sessions:
JP: I feel like a cloud might feel when it could just float around in the sky and...
Anonymous/illegible: It was very relaxing, thanks.
KB: This was very relaxing and I would definitely do it again.
Howard: My reflexologist has a great touch; my feet and my body felt very relaxed and comfortable. She also gave me some great tips. I feel relaxed and calm; it was a great experience.
Liz: Very relaxing, very peaceful and calming experience, thanks.
Ken: Wonderful - thank you!
Megan: My feet feel wonderful - thank you!
Roberta: My reflexologist brought me deep inside myself to connect with feelings and insights not entirely perceived before the session. Thanks so much.
Carol: Very relaxing,, could feel the release of tension. Almost felt as if the tension was being released through my hands at one point. Thank you.
Kathryn: I found the experience very refreshing and I feel rejuvenated. It was a great experience.
Monica: Blissful, really enjoyed it and felt my energy shift almost immediately. A bit noisy at some point. Overall I loved it and I would recommend it to others and come again.
Anonymous/illegible: That was wonderful, thank you!
Anonymous/illegible: My first time, was certainly not my last. I found my session wonderful.
AW: Feet felt otherwordly.
Anonymous/illegible: Wonderful, so soulful and beautiful, lovely healing hands, thank you.

Written by: Birgit Nagele, Denny Engel
Birgit Nagele is an ARCB certified Hand/Foot Reflexologist (NYSRA, RAA, ICR)
Denny Engel is an ARCB certified Foot Reflexologist (NYSRA, RAA, IRA)