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Reflexology Association of America ARCB - American Reflexology Certification Board
New York State Reflexology Association


  • Is it safe to receive Reflexology during pregnancy?
    Reflexology as a rule should not be practiced on women in the first trimester and on women who are going through fertility procedures. Reflexology may serve as an important tool bringing about labor and aiding with having a relaxed experience. Reflexology may be very useful dealing with post labor symptoms such as constipation, anxiety and post partum depression.

  • Is it safe for babies to receive Reflexology?
    It is safe as long as certain guidelines are followed. Duration of session should not exceed 10 minutes and the touch should be very gentle.

  • Can children receive Reflexology?
    It is safe for children to receive Reflexology as long as the touch is very soft and the duration of the session is as appropriate to the age.

  • What are the contra indicators for practicing Reflexology?
    A doctor’s permission should be sought in the event that one has any of the following cases:
    People with insulin dependent Diabetes, people with active viral or bacterial infections which might compromise the practitioner, people who suffer from thrombosis and people undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment.

  • What if I have a particular skin disease such as: Athlete’s Foot, Plantar Warts, Eczema, ingrown toe nails, Fungal infection and heel fissures?
    Instead of working on the feet the Reflexolofy session can be done on the hands. The practitioner might opt to wear surgical gloves and work on the feet. The client will be consulted as to the best course of action.

  • What side effects might be experienced after a Reflexology session?
    The most common side effect is that the client will be fully relaxed at the end of the session. Most people experience a state of near sleep. This state of relaxation is paramount for staying healthy. Some might experience increased urination, flatulence, improved skin tone and texture, tiredness, dizziness or nausea.

  • How is Reflexology done
    Client might be reclined in a chair or supine on a massage table for conventional Reflexology. Only the socks need to be removed. Client might want to experience VRT Reflexology which is a method created by Lynne Booth, where the client remains standing for about 15 minutes of treatment. VRT is most powerful hence the short duration of treatment.

  • How to choose a practitioner
    Make sure the Reflexologist is ARCB certified (American Reflexology Certification Board)