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Reflexology Association of America ARCB - American Reflexology Certification Board
New York State Reflexology Association


  • The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology - Barbara and Kevin Kuntz

  • Hand Reflexology Workbook - Barbara and Kevin Kuntz

  • The New Reflexology - Inge Dougans

  • The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology - Inge Dougans

  • Stories That Feet Can Tell - Eunice D. Ingham

  • Reflexology Manual - Pauline Wills

  • The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman - Alexander Triaras

  • Heal Yourself with Foot Reflexology - Mildred Carter & Tammy Weber

  • Reflexology For Back Pain - Ann Gillanders

  • Facial Reflexology - Marie-France Muller

  • Your Face Never Lies - Michio Kushi

  • Clinical Reflexology-A Guide for Health Professionals - Peter A Mackereth, Denise Tiran