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Reflexology Association of America ARCB - American Reflexology Certification Board
New York State Reflexology Association


  • Dr. Jeffrey Vorsanger:
    I found your reflexology sessions to be very relaxing and recuperative.
    Your sessions helped me to recover from my back surgery !

  • Dear Yardena,
    This is belated thanks for the wonderful reflexology session you gave me a week or so ago and also for sending me printout with foot exercises.
    They look great and I hope I can incorporate them into my self-healing routines.
    Roberta Newman

  • Your worksheets were beneficial and allowed me to learn about my own body on a deeper level.
    I also attained a level of awareness regarding my ability to treat areas of tension and stress.
    Thank you for your warmth and receptive use of touch.
    I enjoyed the experience thoroughly.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer!
    Warmly, Kristal